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Welcome back to GrandpaKirk's!

Summer has been interesting here for us, but now, with kids back to school
we can start getting ready for fall!

We currently have over 100 books posted on GrandpaKirk's MarketPlace.
Please stop in and take a look at our inventory,
we will try to add more products soon.
Check out the search feature in our store, for books
you can search by Title, Author, and ISBN.
Keep your eyes open and watch our site for all the updates.

Have a GREAT month and ALWAYS

Be Safe!

Our MarketPlace IS ONLINE and live now.
At this point we only accept PayPal for payment options
but we will try to work on this in the future.

We are trying to add new items daily to our store and will
try to keep you posted when things do change in our store.

Most of our items to date will be BOOKS,
and lots of them, over 100 for now.

We are also trying to iron out a few issues with adding
our items to and posting from eBay and as soon as we do,
we will leave an update here as well.

We are indeed working on a few projects,
all of which will be brought to your attention as we progress.

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We are still working on re-creating our original page
that shows the destruction of one of the passenger boarding
bridges that was used to board the first flight that went into the
World Trade Center on 9-11-2001.
Details are on the page listed here.

Simple Solution's webpage is here.

As with many of our projects,
this too is a work in progress and
more content will be added as it is compiled.

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Please take a few minutes to visit some of the sites
we have created and are creating.

There are some very interesting posts on the History Blog listed above left.

Enjoy your browsing.

Thanks, Grandpa Kirk

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Oops. Please let us know if you see something that needs to be addressed?

After all, 'If you see something, maybe it IS something'!


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can not be defeated by it.

Ayn Rand

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